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Winter Is Coming,Christmas Is Too.
As we see the beautiful red poinsettias and green wreath and a snowman or two
We know winter is coming and Christmas is too

Cold as old Jack frost comes to town
Singers in the choirs comes round

Holiday will be here soon many make fruitcake
As soon Christmas will be here lot's of things to bake

We watch the beautiful snowfall
And see the icicles hanging from windows and buildings so tall

gentle warm evening we like to have together
So heartwarming forever

Jesus is the reason
For all our beautiful seasons

The children have fun on a sleigh ride and opening a gift to
Some are alone if you are a prayer for someone to visit or call you

Winter is coming Christmas is to
Remember Jesus in all that you do.

(challenge write for= whispermoon.
Potpourri of Poetry (POP) Challenge.

(1) red (2) green (3) tree (4) wreath (5) snowman (6) frost
(7) choirs (8) holiday(9) fruitcake (10) snowfall (11) gentle
(12) heartwarming(13) Jesus (14) sleigh(15) gift and (16) alone.)

By just_little_me

© 2012 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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