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The Ranger and the Princess
The Ranger and the Princess
( Note: A Kings Ranger, those men and women who are retained as peace keepers, as they travel from village to village throughout the kingdom. They hunt down those animals that prey on the animals and people in their care. They answer only to the Crown and may be asked to settle disputes between villagers and farmers alike, their word is law, their decisions final. )
Let’s place this story in the 12th century, I’ll not designate a country, for then I might be called to be more specific, perhaps even to show I know what the heck I’m talking about. Enjoy, Ed

As he sat astride his horse,'Kerry'
the Kings Ranger said to his hawk 'Kreel' well it looks like the party is about to begin. Kreel ,sitting on his pomel tee perch, looked in the Rangers eyes and gave a nod. 'Well friend, the man said, let's get to our business' then they started riding down the slope of the small hill they'd been resting on for the past hour.
Ranger Edwarrd had heard of the pending trouble with the outlaws talking about their next move. They thought the kidnapping of the Princess would net them a pretty penny and have a little fun with her maids in the bargin. What they had not thought on, was keeping their plans a secret. The Ranger had been finishing his evening meal and drinking his last mug of ale when he'd over heard the small group discussing their plans to kidnap Princess Charleen and ransoming her to the King.
Edwarrd thought, ' we'll see about that , won't we?'
Now he, Kerry and Kreel rode down towards the group of men as they sat waiting for the Royal carriage, with the small troup of guards riding fore and behind.
He shouted, 'HO , you men mean to block my way, or do I pass freely?'
Upset that they may have been givin away to the approaching troop, the leader said,' who might you be and what is your business riding on us like this?'
The Ranger said 'I am Edwarrd and my business is to protect this forest and all life in it, what is your business may I ask?'
The outlaw chief told him to go away and stay away from his group.
Edwarrd said, 'no, I can't do that, because I have business right here at the moment.'
He reached to his side and produced a crossbow and said , “this is my business, and you are unwelcome here in our forest.'
The outlaw band out numbered him ten to one, yet the Ranger sat there unperturbed, with a slight smile on his face.
Seeing the carriage with it's guards were still a half mile away, the leader said 'take him men and shut him up for good.'
Never having run across a forest ranger before, they didn't expect the fight that fell upon them.
Edwarrd stepped quickly down and said, “go friends “ and Kreel lept to the face of the leader while Kerry with a shrill whinny charged the rest of the group. Edwarrd fired the first bolt into the arm of a man who had drawn his bow to fire at the charging horse, then quickly reloaded and shot another swinging his spear at the swooping hawk. The melee ended just as the carriage pulled to a stop, all the outlaws were down, wounded by claw, hoof, sword and cross bolt.
Princess Charleen stepped down looking at the downed group, she said,' Edward it appears we owe you a debt for once again serving the crown.'
Edwarrd gave her a deep bow and said, 'no my lady, it is I who owe you, for my life in these woods are all I have ever wanted in life and to protect them is my true reward'.
She said 'nonsense, you would do that anyway, you and the others who truly love our land.. But for this days work you shall be rewarded by my father the King.'
Please come to the Fair tomorrow, bring your lovely horse and the famous Kreel, for he is well loved by the other hawkers, he is one brave heart for sure.'
' What can I say but of course my lady, Kerry loves your apples and Kreel, of course likes the attention all the children shows him.

This may be the beginning of another mini series or i'll just let it stand alone, a story of the heroic trio. by Ed Rhodes
11/9/2012 ©

By Morriss_2

© 2012 Morriss_2 (All rights reserved)


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