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My progress in recovery from my second stroke, has run into many

obstacles over the past 6 years, in Dec 06 I fell backwards down 4 steps

landing on concrete fractured my right hip, spent 3 months in the VA

hospital in recovery from that mishap. The stress and stain of getting my

life in order took over 5 years after that, now after 5 weeks of physical

therapy and 3 very good sessions with a chiropractor to improve my


and balance, my hearing is acting up, I already have lost complete hearing in

my left ear in 05, the last couple of days I have had to go back to using my

hearing aide, I don't see how anyone reading this cannot sigh for me,

seems the force's of life are shouting at me.....................


By Truenobleman

© 2012 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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