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4 My Sons
4 My Sons

This is dedicated to my sons
It's 4 of y'all and only one me
How did I get to be so lucky
To have struck gold 4 times over
Thank God for placing me into your lives
He could have done this for anyone
But he has blessed me
As your earthly angel, your guardian, your dad
This means that I'm dedicated to you
When things are good, when things get rough
I'll be here waiting to answer all of your questions
As you grow from boys to men
I may be a little stern at times
Because I'll always want the best for you
In other words, I want you guys
To grow up to be greater than me
I share a lot with you guys because
You need to know that I'm not perfect
I've made a lot of mistakes growing up
As I share my life stories I've been through a lot
For all of us,
Not for you guys to focus on my mistakes
But learn how I've dealt with them
Also how I've bounced back from them
When it's time to have THE TALK
I promise to not pull any punches
But to keep it 100 with you
I'll teach you to love yourselves first, and to give your women the same respect that you'll give your mom
I'll teach you guys how to recognize the woman in you life
As a gift from GOD
I want you guys to be
Strong providers and protectors over your families
Learn the word of GOD, live by it and love your families
With the same heart that God loved the church
Be men of Honor, Dignity, Loyalty, and Respect
For you guys are products of GREATNESS
Born Kings, Leaders, and one day
You'll be Legends
Leave a legacy behind for your children and your children's children to live by
Don't do these things to make not only me proud
But most important
You owe this to yourselves
To hear the almighty GOD say to you
Well done my child, well done
Linwood, Lovel, Cortland, and Caleb
If GOD calls me home today
Thanks to you all I have lived!

2013 NSIDEOUT (All rights reserved)


© 2015 NSIDEOUT (All rights reserved)


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