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Somehow She Knows
I've always wished I were a better Dad .. then when,
for no special reason I received a message form my Daughter,
then .. I wished I was a wizard ...

so I could wave a wand, go back in time and become,
that better Dad .. I wished I were.

Message Received

So ... I always said,
this would be the song I would dance with my 'daddy' to on my wedding day.
But ..
since I'll never marry _ _ _ _ _ (my choice)
I just wanted you to hear the song.

I love you. <3

Sent from my iPod

So, like any Daddy would .. I listened ,
and, like any Daddy would .. I cried,
then, like any Daddy would .. I thought ...

somehow she knows ...

ever since the day she was born,
this song has been hiding in my heart,
this song only she could find and bring to my ears,
if there is ever a man worthy of her,
maybe to my lips.

So I pray ...

somehow she knows,
though I may be willing to share her with some lucky man,
I could never truly give her away,

because ...

I loved her first ... and will for ever
I held her first ... and just can't let go.

For You Dear Daughter
With All My Love
PS .. Kiss Pinky For Me

The words you have read are true
only a name was deleted to protect
the not so innocent

By TrueBlu

© 2015 TrueBlu (All rights reserved)


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