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Christmas Wishes 2012
It is time for us to show our love
In celebration of the one sent to us from above
This is the love that should be shown all throughout the year
And not only when the Christmas season is in the air
But remember the birth of Christ and acknowledge its importance
Because it's God's way of giving us a chance
A chance to redeem ourselves from our sins
Since His son came and took them all in
This year may have not been the best for you
But that does not mean you should forsake the Lord too
It is true the year may not have gone according to plan
But it is His will surely not man
You may not have lost some loved ones along the way
And it may be hard for you to survive through this day
But always remember that Christ came and died for you
In order for God to show you His love is true
So turn to Him and rely on His strength and comfort
Because He is the only true pillar of support
So throughout this all remember your family and friends
The ones who are always there and do not pretend
Wish them all the best for this day and the rest to come
To fully embrace and celebrate this wonderful season
I humbly wrote this note for you simply to say
My friends and loved ones, have a good day

By fyahphoenix

© 2013 fyahphoenix (All rights reserved)


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