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Sid the kid was in his bedroom drinking from a can,
He said they call me kid but I'm a man.
Although Sid was only twelve he had been through the mill,
He had been knocked from pillar to post
But he had a pretty strong will.
He had already done drugs and was locked away at ten,
He was well on the road to fate then.
He had already wrecked five cars and been kicked out of several bars.
He had been done for using violence against his parents
His sister and her mate,
He walked down the path one down and ripped off the garden gate.
Sid the kid had an attitude, he simply wasn't right.
He smoked dope in the street and most days he had a fight.
Sid drove his parents crazy and the neighbours roundabout,
The police had had enough of him and said he was a lout.
Sid never had a worry, he never went to school,
He was a bloody bully anyway who never kept a rule.
Sid still had his attitude when they locked him away,
He was by this time fifteen and didn't care anyway.
The judge gave him three years as he spat on the bench,
Take him away they said, as Sid fought with a police wench.
Sid got the punishment he said he difdn't deserve,
He was convinced he shouldn't have this time to serve.
Sid was a rebel of that there's no doubt,
But as time moved on he began to level out.
He still had an attitude which the system couldn't break,
But that was all part of Sid the childhood fake.
Sid got fed up of the place he was in and escaped
And stole a car which was a terrible sin.
They moved him on to a closed place
Where they said he had no chance of escape,
But true to form Sid got out and that was his mistake.
They moved him to a top security prison
And thats where he had to stay,
There was no escape from this place
Not for Sid anyway.


By listener

© 2013 listener (All rights reserved)


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