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Sid got into trouble it clung to him like a leach.
But one day when he had been in prison a while,
The govenor called him up and told him something to make him smile.
He gave him a job in the library,
But Sid never had any interest in books,
Not until he had been in the library a few days
Along with some other crooks.
This actually started Sid thinking,
He thought I might learn something here,
And true to form Sid found some books
On how to brew your own beer.
But then he had a brainwave and thought
No I might get another six months.
He then picked up a book on English,
I mean his reading wasn't to great,
But as he read on he got more interested
And found that he could get on at a fair old rate.
Me reading English, he thought he almost gave up the attempt,
Then he thought why should he, just cause he was in prison
It didn't make him exempt.
Sid carried on with his reading he never told anyone for months.
Then one day in the library another bloke came up trumps.
He said you into English Sid? I've noticed you have been reading
That book on English for a while.
Yeah sort of said Sid, why you interested? Yes, said Eddie,
Ii've got a degree in the old English style.
What do you mean, said Sid, how did you get that?
Go to English classes, said Eddie, it takes quite a while.
Sid couldn't believe his luck, somebody wanted to listen.
Not only that he wanted to learn and in his head had quite a vision.


By listener

© 2013 listener (All rights reserved)


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