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'LIFE'S HIGHWAY' By: Tom C. 12/28/12

I've been up and down all coastlines, seen things I can't repeat,
Journeyed many paths sober , stumbled drunken in the street.

I've smoked some fancy Ceegars, inhaled Callie Weed that was my shine,
I've met many lovers along the way, some broken hearts I left behind.

I've sat upon the coastal rocks of Maine, buried my toes in Tampa Sands,
I hung my hat in towns and cities, all throughout this pristine land.

Surfed the waters off San Diego, left my footprints on Laguna Beach,
Along my travels became a student of life, and found others I could teach.

Life's Highway, a series of stories, when put together make a book,
Just remember when you cross Your Highway, both ways you need to look.

By tomkatmandoo

© 2017 tomkatmandoo (All rights reserved)


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