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Step one occurs once you believe
In yourself is no reprieve

Step two is taken with assent
To guiding wisdom transcendent

Step three unites your will with It
Find and follow Yield Submit

Step four takes a fearless look
To the future clean of gook

Which confessed upon step five
To God and sponsor lets you strive

By step six to willing be
Stop holding on to a memory

Step seven taken on your knees
To One who from all defect frees

Step eight now memory requires
Of persons harmed by mean desires

Step nine implores you find and mend
Where further harm does not attend

Step ten is lifelong vigilance
The misdirected man repents

Step eleven quiet and still
Listening for the Master's will

Step twelve announces life set free
In all respects shared gleefully

Multi-Challenge -- MOVING ON

'believe in yourself'
'look to the future'
'holding on to a memory'

By Robert Corey

© 2017 Robert Corey (All rights reserved)


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