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Words can be Swords

Words can be swords
They can hurt and heal
stop you in your tracks
They can make you feel

So little and tiny
Or so big and tall
Words can be weapons
When used by us all

With words you can praise
Make someone feel proud
Words can also wound us
When angrily, shouted aloud

Words help us express
What he hold in our heart
Words can hurt so deeply
Tear families apart

So maybe view your words
in a new way
Realise the power your wield
In all that you say

So let your words, be a ladder
To help someone rise
Let them inspire laugher
Bring tears of joy to some eyes

Let them hold hope
Be sunshine not rain
So they may soothe
Another in pain

May your words shine so brightly
You light up the room
Let you words, lift any darkness
Outshine any gloom

How precious our words are
That we speak everyday
Don't forget, You can change lives
Just by words that you say

By shazza

© 2013 shazza (All rights reserved)


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