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CHASING DREAMSİ Copyright: 2017

What dreams do you chase , do you feed the beauty of light,
when you drift into space, creating visions sparked in the night.

Who in life has held you back, said your dreams can't be attained,
tampered with your spirit, to leave you doubting and tear stained.

Where were they when you were born, or when you crossed life's roads,
To cheer you on and have your back, did they offer to lighten your load?

Who dreams along with you , side by side, hand in hand,
Knowing they have dreams too, your partner in Gods plan.

Waiting on no one, for the hands of time they turn and fall,
Dream as you live life, time to chase some that you recall,
Calamity does not lie in dreaming, it lies in never to have dreamt at all.

Chase YOUR dreams with passion, let nothing hold you back,
you just might catch some before your final fade into black.

Chasing Dreams By: Tom Caswell (Tomkatmandoo). (c) Copyright: 2017 All Rights Reserved;

By tomkatmandoo

© 2017 tomkatmandoo (All rights reserved)


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