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Happy Valentines Day to my Starlite F/F

On this day of love
I send thanks for many blessings to the Lord above
As I say Happy Valentines day
To my family and friends at the starlite cafe
I send wishes and hugs in bundles
I am blessed with family/friends from California to the land down under.

Valentines day I send prayers and hugs to
For my starlite children each one of you
And my grandchildren at starlite
For each one brings my heart delight.

Valentines day I send prayers and hugs to
For my starlite sisters are sweet and glad to know each one of you
We only know each other from the net
I am blessed to know you even though we never met.

My sister Libra is always in my heart and will always stay
Also Missmarry my mom and aunt CherryK
My starlite family and friends to
Valentines day I send prayers and hugs to each one of you.

I send Valentines day love
As with my starlite friends I am blessed from the Lord above
Friends are like flowers that grow so beautiful
I thank the Lord for all my friends and always welcome more.

Happy Valentines Day a day of love
For my starlite family and friends I thank the Lord above.

By just_little_me

© 2013 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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