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I Love You Today and Tomorrow
I love you today, I will love you tomorrow
I love you even more in times of sorrow
My love cascades from the height of my soul
And within my heart precious memories unfold
You dived in and unravelled my complexity
Clearly seeking to truly understand me
I appreciate the very things you do
And no matter what this love is, it seems so new
We have been at this for many years
Sharing the many smiles and tears
You are the one for me as the past reveals
Since I made that step to go on my knees
I prayed for you which seemed like forever
I almost thought it would not happen, maybe never
I never gave up hope though and kept believing
And now you are here I am truly living
Awakened to all the beautiful things around me
Seeing things for what they truly are, finally
You have opened my eyes to a wondrous love
That could have only been given from the one above
You have definitely fulfilled my every dream
It was a long journey to get here as it may seem
A journey where I had to prepare my heart to receive
A necessary preparation so our lives could be weaved
I had to be accepting to the love you were to give
Else I would still been a desperate captive
A trapped slave to the unfortunate reality
One where I would never be happy
You have entered my life and caused quite a stir
As I am for the better since you are in my world
Old things I have done are long passed away
And every wrong I have done goes further each day
I hope not to disappoint you with my words, thoughts or deeds
As it is you and only you that fulfils my needs
It is in your spirit that I relish and parts I hope borrow
As I love you today and continue to love you tomorrow

By fyahphoenix

© 2013 fyahphoenix (All rights reserved)


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