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New Found Friendship
I know we've just met but it seems like i've known you before
And these conversations just seem more familiar, more and more
Each day we chat and we never run out of stuff to talk about
It just makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs and shout
Where have you been, my friend, in times past when I needed you
A shoulder to lean on and maybe sometimes to cry on too
In such a short time we've come to know alot about each other
And it feels like we are so close there is no one else I'd rather
To tell my deepest, darkest and maybe deadly secrets to
The kind that will make person's hair stand on edge, at least a few
I am not one for much words when it comes to my feelings
For when it come sto the kind of time I prefer to stare up at ceilings
So take this simple note as an expression of my appreciation for you
And I hope that understand how hard this is and appreciate me too
I love the friendship we have started and hope it continues to grow
Whether or not it is destined to blossom into something more
Taking time to know the person on the other end of the line is not bad
Because sometimes rushing things ends up in experiences not to be had
So take my sincerely extended hand of platonic friendship
And see where the road leads and of where God bids it

By fyahphoenix

© 2013 fyahphoenix (All rights reserved)


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