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No Control

I am not so clever as you reckon,
DO not accredit me as 'know it all'.
NOTwhen 'so called' future seers beckon
WANT I the knowledge that I stand or fall.
TO all of us there comes a time of wonder;
FORESEE tomorrow? No, it can't be done.
THE dreams and plans we make may take us under;
FUTURE depends on walking in the son.

I may be qualified, degreed, diploma-ed;
AM I then privvied to what lies ahead?
CONCERNED with truth and open not to canard,
WITH all my knowledge, many tears I'll shed.
TAKING as I do, my guide, the Gospel,
CARE must be exercised to read it clear,
OF all its data, not to falsely foretell,
THE lesson clearly, not to dwell in fear;
PRESENT is all you have so live it well.

GOD who gives us every perfect gift
HAS mercy to forgive me when I drift.
GIVEN that I'm human and thus fail,
ME, the one who vows truth will avail!
NO favour do I merit from the Lord;
CONTROL flies out the window...don't applaud!
OVER nothing God has planned have we control,
THE saddest thing is lack of self-control .
MOMENT follows moment, let them go...
FOLLOWING Him's the way, just take it slow.

Quote: (reading down the left side)
from Mahatma Gandhi

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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