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Journey of Life

Journey of Life

This is a true Story of the special gift of friendship between two special poets.
One a 'Little Owl' whos heart is pure as snow, and the other, a Great Bear
once lost in his journey of life. This story takes place as mother earth is
being blanketed in white.

It is in a dream state where visions are clear, and the world surrounding
is without color it is black and white when mother nature blankets the earth
in angel tears.
One truly learns the meaning of friendship, and renewal of life

For it is now that the young seeds begin to wake and start living beneath this blanket
as they anticipate the melting of the tears and with each kiss
they gain strength and begin to grow
and in the spring once again mother earth is filled with beautiful color

There is meaning behind these words 'little owl' for it is you
that for the longest time was the snow, pure white, without color
and void of sound, black and white letters, sewn across a page of white
your world was white, and you could not see all the possibilities inside
your heart and soul. Words simply flowed.

The way you saw poetry was like the snow, pure, white and driven at times
but still it remained without color. Then a great bear came to you in the snow
he shook his fur and into the snow fell the many seeds of color of the places
the bear had been. From into the woods of the world and into the
darkness of the night the bear wandered aimlessly.

Into the many fields of flowers that he had passed through along his journey,
never stopping to see the beauty that surrounded him in his life journey
searching for the one thing that would bring him peace,
and fill his heart with happiness.

As he stood in the snow, and shook off his fur setting free the snow that had accumilated upon him, with it also the pollen from the many bees that had stung the bear began to also fall from his fur into the snow, each flower that the bee had touched, a piece of it left behind upon the bear,
fell to into this pure white snow as well.

At first, it only appeared as the bear had made a mess in the snow, turning it
from pure white to brown and the yellow of the pollen, but when the snow
began to melt and the seeds from the bears coat had set upon mother earth,
beautiful flowers began to grow and trees and plants of different kinds
began to also grow, and replenish the earth beneath the tender kiss
of the melting snow

Changing it from a pure white snow that every animal knew, to a snow
filled with magic and color, a snow that was more than just snow it was
a new beginning for both the Owl and the Bear, renewed life,
growth sprang forth, and hope and faith that all within its touch could feel
the power and wisdom held within this snow, and its purity.

The Great Bear although he feels your heart and your soul
will always be connected to you, the owl. He will always follow the owl, and the wisdom of the owl for he wishes only to see the happiness in the owls heart. He lives for the owl and to always see her soar. The owl is his destiny and the bear, the bear will always remain connected to the owl.

Your bond with this bear little owl is ageless, and was created long before
your birth here into this world. This bear will always look to you for strength,
love and guidance and he does understand the owl and he always will look to the heavens to see his beautiful owl soaring above him.

This is the story of two spirits connected in heart and soul
bound by the special gift of a friendship created long before eithers time
It is a bond that will last forever as told in the circles of fire, to many
young braves of how The Great Bear befriended a Wise Little Owl and together
they overcame many obstacles cast before them in the Journey of Life

In Honor of Little Owl and her Wisdom and Growth as a Poet
And that of The Bear who found in her
Salvation and True Friendship

Friendship Challenge


I have watched and read your words little owl and I have watched as you have grown in strength and beauty. Wisdom comes with age, so it is written, but wisdom lies within your heart and soul like a woman would have hoped to gain, in her 80th year of life, yet in you I see wisdom, old and ancient, passed down from ancestor to ancestor. Your growth in the written word is astounding and astonishing to read. You are a light little owl for many, and your words give voice to those whom have not, hope where hope is void, and faith, where it has been lost. All is evident in the Bear, and so many more like him who see you for the amazing poet that you are. Soar high little owl and always keep the wind in your face and the bear at your side. Soar high, and be free DWhitehorse
For Little Owl and The Bear

By crazy_horse

© 2018 crazy_horse (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The special gift of friendship (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The special gift of friendship (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The special gift of friendship (challenge has been closed)

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