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Cometh to me my sweet one
For I will bring you no tears,
You're a butterfly of love
I will protect you from any fears.

I love you my precious one
I have watched your beauty grow,
Your radiance standfs out like a flower
I have felt your warmth and glow.

I'm your knight in shining armour
I am your smiling courageous cavalier,
I am your man in the iron mask
My sweetness
I am your lover to protect you from fear.

For I have loved you all my life
I have loved you with a passion so great,
I have watched you flow my butterfly
My heart and soul yearns this must be our fate.

A fate more glorious than I could ever imagine
For is it not so that love conquers all,
Just say the words my beautiful sweet one
I ask your hand my lady? Can we be wed in the fall.

Arise my handsome knight she said, and come closer
She kissed him with all of her heart,
Love and romance blossomed under the stars
True love was forever and they knew
They would never ever part.

By listener

© 2013 listener (All rights reserved)


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