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Who Are You

Sit here, With me

And soon you'll know

What you are to me...


Smile who are you?

I love you, but who are you

Do you Know?


You are the Scent

Of all things I adore

Of flowers,

and so much more


You are the softness

I love to touch

You are so tender so gentle

I love so much


You are the beauty

My eyes behold

A vision of loveliness

A picture to never fold


You are the golden sounds

I love to hear

So soft and mellow

I need you near


You are the wine

Under my tongue

The flavor of sweetness

Has only begun


You are the glow

Inside my heart and soul

An angel you are to me

Together our love still grows

I wrote this for my wife and our 40th anniversary

By HungryJack

© 2013 HungryJack (All rights reserved)


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