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Pro Veritas

Beyond question, the plain and simple truth
a child could recognise and then discern.
Doubt has not merited, nor fear forsooth;
truth, if that be practised, we also earn.
Bears any lie felicity's resemblance?
The fruit of fibs is bitterness and gall.
Same problem for the utterer in balance;
relation being, evil shadows all.
To each of us there comes a time to choose;
falsehood delights in darkness and deceit.
As the 'Good Book' says, choose wrong and lose...
light won't take you where you will feel fiecrce heat!
To verity, in honesty we seek.
Darkness denied is not the province of the meek.

Quote (reading down the monitor on your left...
Leonardo da Vinci

By cherryk

© 2017 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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