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A Long Patient Wait


All day long she sat behind the front door
Every now and then licking her little paw
Her ears pricked up at the slightest sound
And steadfastly ignored the others around

Rosy was left out and she didn’t understand
Her mate was at school and she was banned
Refusing tasty food Rosy whined in distress
She wanted to play, have fun making a mess

Suddenly lifting her head Rosy jumped in joy
As through the door came an untidy little boy
Clothes askew, dragging an overflowing bag
First day at school, and his mum began to nag

Rushing up stairs they rolled round the floor
Happy barks and laughter creating an uproar
His mother gave up, carrying on getting tea
And decided it was best to simply let them be

By gemima

© 2013 gemima (All rights reserved)


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