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.. Darkened Paths ..
The fog had drifted
far from shore
an eerie chilled
the air
the winding path
to foot was old
as was the silent

He'd walked that path
a thousand times
he knew it
like his hand
but something seemed
so out of place
and hard to

There was no noise
not even foot
and yet he heard
his heart
the pounds of blood
that rushed through him
and in the dark

Each step he took
his head would turn
but something
was amiss
and then it happen
'OH' so quick
a hand with death-like

He could not see
his eyes a blur
but something
held him tight
and tried to steal
his breath away
beneath the moons
full light

He fought with it
he felt the pain
as tearing
of his flesh
he fought with it
and thought sustain
this monster called
Sweet Meth.

.. Darkened Paths ..

By zero501

© 2013 zero501 (All rights reserved)


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