Do I Call It Love?

Do I Call It Love?

what is this miracle, this unexpected
gift wrapped in shy smiles and soft
laughter, a treasure found hidden
among the dust, rust, and tossed

out debris of uncertainty... do I call
it love yet or is it too soon to name,
to explore its possibility, to speak
in hushed tones of wonderment,

or should I trust in the promise lighting
your eyes, the whisper of my name
on parted lips, and this feeling that
within you I can lose myself, and without

you I find myself wanting to be lost again,
and knowing you are the one, the only,
who can make me feel this way... once
more I want to race the wind and touch

the sky, feel the power of together...
perhaps I can call it love after all

submitted into the Anything Goes challenge
host: Panther811 (Tom)

By Myrna D.

© 2013 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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