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Sometimes, even when
I am busy, memories
pass through my mind,
making me remember
things that were
bittersweet, and yet,
I still need them to
be there, for whatever
reason that may be,
I need to remember
your kisses, your
embraces, the colour
of your eyes, the
confidence in your
smile, your sense
of humour too
Somehow I need to
remember every part
of you at times like
that, your scent,
your hair, every
one of your words
to me, the songs
we loved, the nights
we talked,
for you are still
part of me, as I
hope I am still part
of you and always
will be, even if
in a small way,
You see I cannot
forget, nor do I
wish to, if I ever
have to, that will
be a very sad day
for me, but what
will be, will be

By LoveAngelique

© 2013 LoveAngelique (All rights reserved)


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