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He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.
He's got the whole world in his hands
He watch's over all the lands
He watches over across the sea
The mountain tops he can see.

He loves us all yes everyone
For we all are his daughters his sons
He sees us when we are weak or when we are strong
He is there for joy and when we think we can't go on.

He must cry a million tears as he looks here below on earth
For he see many destroy other life's some even before there birth
He see the hate the hurt the pain
He cries as times he can see the world should be so ashamed.

He died on the cross hung on the tree
His pain no one could feel or could see
He came back to life gave life to all he gave us love and a heart
Now his world keeps falling apart.

He's got the whole world in his hands
So when you don't understand
How the world is turning
Turn to Jesus for some day you might be burning.

By just_little_me

© 2013 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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