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Love has no appearance
I have not been pained to see our feelings fading and dying
From a purest, my love flowed and pierced your once seeking heart
Overwhelming every love and nature's altruism.
I have not known a world existing of shame or fame
Oblivious to labeled facets of love, but one.

Love is for those to take and for whom it is given freely
Without complaint, without expectation, without hesitation
Not for the refusing, but for the bruising.
You can't blame if love doesn't know how to stop
As much as I want you to go away, that much, I want you to stay.

Finding new happiness is not finding love
For happiness is but ephemeral, fleeting like the dawn
Like a bad dream, that has no connection with love
And fades before the sunny morning comes
But love is buried like a tuberous root waiting for the rain.

If love was of one kind and for just one creature of this cosmos
I'd lock my heart and wait for an echo, of one who holds the key
But love is supremely vast and with no form
Like the source of creation that I acknowledge with every tick of time
And bow before you as though you were my God.

By Lencio

© 2013 Lencio (All rights reserved)


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