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'A LOVE LETTER'...For My Soul Mate
'A LOVE LETTER'...For My Soul Mate

Past the mind, past the heart and into the soul
Channels tunneled deep through our hearts entwined.
Open doors no longer closed that lead into the soul.
Understanding differences, personalities and life experiences.

Past events leading today, a time for unity and love.
Seeing into the person-past society's normality,
Past the colors of the skin-birthing a new dawn
Of understanding and respect holding onto this hope;

Of painless tomorrows while we live in today just as we are…
Opening up doorways that guard our hearts and souls,
Freeing our spirits within while traveling inside each other
As the souls join, empowering us to feel again.

Past the words with no meaning, ' You know the one's we say to regret',
Past the numbness of yesterday into a world without words.
A world of feelings, no words are needed here….

I lay my head upon your shoulder and swing my leg over yours...
Snuggling I feel such a comfort that I weep for the pain I feel
Of not knowing how to let you love me,
Not knowing or understanding myself.

Never having experienced this before, where doors swing open into the soul
And embracing is the core of our love and lovemaking.
We need not enter physically while we lye here and enjoy
The rapid beat of our hearts and the silence it brings upon us.

Watching as you slumber with those baby brown eyes closed
The turn of your head, your gentle sighs.
This is when I feel you as I enter into your body
Joining as I become alive again.

And I know-I know these feelings are so very real
That they are without questions behind them, without the insecurity
And worry into the knowing of today and the hopes of our tomorrow.
As I brush my hand gently upon your baby soft skin,

My body trembles with the love I now feel.
My heart beating pulling into yours, my spirit free as the wind.
The warm glow within renewed in this my love.
I thank GOD for sending you my way and the man you are today!

For allowing me to see into you, being part of your reality, your world.
I have so longed to be here and you ever diligent in us!
You share with me your love in your silence-into your gentle loving gaze
The window into your very soul!

Your embrace worth more than all the gold at the end of all rainbows...
Your smile priceless and not for sell.
I watch you standing tall in a room full of fellowship
And the sweet embraces there, Oh how I long to feel the belonging there.

To feel the embrace to find my place at your side!
Your stride so quick I struggle to keep up to remain at your side
Lingering behind in your shadows but beside you is where I long to be.
The want, the need to be taken into your fold,

You say to me,' Are you following me?' and I reply, 'Yes, I always do!'
But a time will come my love when I no longer follow
I will be there by your side and all will know we are one and have chosen to be so.
They will see the way I gaze into your soul longing to be alone with you

And in your loving embrace.
But more important we will know and each day will be a new beginning
Of growth and learning. And we will both learn and grow together
Our love will reach out into the indigo skies and shine as the brightest iridescent star

This I know my love...
Out of the dreams and hopes of my world was born love into a real world.
No longer living in my make believe fantasy, no longer conjured up in my mind
Of just gazing upon and wishing while I watch two lovers embrace.

This is my reality today a part of yours once forbidden and hidden.
Although I still am the weaver of Dreams and Fairy God Mother Tales.
I feel the life within from this love now and I know that this shall never pass.
If in time we should grow apart I will at least have known this moment,

This day in your loving arms and I will carry it with me through this life of trials.
I know I fear the same things that you fear, the closeness, the pain of not knowing
What tomorrow will bring, the fear of not being accepted within our
Separate worlds that have brought us together and today I say, 'It doesn't matter,'

What on lookers see or think they do. What matters is us today!
Living our life guided by God and Our Love. Allowing ourselves to grow
Together to build hopes, dreams and weather our trials and tribulations.
You spoke to me of our purpose and journey to get there

And the search of our Soul Mate into the next life and

I feared to ask the question so I remained silent,
But you my love I have awaited a lifetime to share with.
You I have given my heart and soul without the strings of rejection
Or condemnation, without the fear of judgments but acceptance.

You are my Soul Mate I have searched for a lifetime of sorrow and despair!
I do not know if you are at the same cross roads as I have come,
I only know I will await you there and hope you choose the same road.
Then you will know that you have reached not the end

But the beginning of our journey as one with souls entwined
And there we shall brave the road no longer alone
But together as one and shall know not only our love
But God's Love and Promise for it is the essence of that Love

That God Himself Manifested within us that will carry us a lifetime
Into the eternity where we will soar as the eagles
And nest within this lasting warmth of our birthing as
Soul Mates!

I Love You Baby!

Eva Marie Ann Cagley (c)

By Raggedyann

© 2018 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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