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NEW LIFE (narrative)
On the morning of the first day of the month,
a small boy had uprooted a flowering plant
wherein there were bunches of flowers of varied hues.
We were terribly saddened by it. We dug a deep hole
on the ground at a different place and planted it there.
We poured water around it. Under the hot sun at noon,
the flowers started to fade and droop down.
In the evening the leaves too lost their greenness and
presented a withered look. We sprinkled water on the
plant and poured water at its root.
Next day morning when we observed, it could
not be determined whether there was progress or not.
Same way, second day too we sprinkled water over the
plant,on the leaves and flowers.Third day morning when
we saw it dawn of confidence was there with the appearance
of greenness in the withered leaves. We thought that the
plant would survive in future. Yet that evening we could not
tell definitely anything.Four or five days rolled on with
alternating conditions of the plant taking a new life in the
dew and the cold breeze available throughout the night and
the plant going to the verge of life with all the leaves
withering and shrinking under the scorching sun
from morning to evening. We cut off withered leaves and
sprinkled water just like rain and made it cool.To go and see
the plant many times during the day had been our pastime.
Finally the flowering plant had taken root and survived
in the new place.

By Mangalaraj

© 2013 Mangalaraj (All rights reserved)


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