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Bare Canvas
If given the talent I'd paint a portrait for you, paint it so gently with yellows and reds;
a garden for you of sweet flower beds.
This I would do with the stroke of brush;
gliding so gently on a canvas once bare!

A sequence of streams flowing and clear;
would outline the beauty only nature can share.
I'd fill it with songs that fly through the sky,
as red breasted robins on a gentle breeze sigh.

Blue birds and nightingales accompaniment grand,
to a song on the wind that sweeps through the land.
As it passes through meadows the wild flowers will wave,
to greet evergreens in this landscape array.

In the distance I'll paint a sunset of gold;
like a doorway to dreams that together we share.
Of endless possibilities on this canvas so rare!

Phrase/Theme Multi Challenge
Moderator: Kajuncutie

'bare canvas'
'stroke of brush'
'endless possibilities '

The THEME for the challenge is ARTWORK

By jvaughan

© 2018 jvaughan (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Phrase/Theme Multi Challenge-read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASES AND THEME (challenge has been closed)

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