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Tearjerker Art.
The world is at times flooded with tears, myself I admire tearjerker

films and tearjerker Art. The emotions that come to the surface and it is

strange, why they bring mortals closer together, even in love gone bad

times. We even mourn for ourselves at times and when I beloved pet is ill or

needs to be put to sleep. The president teared up when talking about the

Newtown CT murders. No, doubt tears will be shed at the service for the 8

year old boy murdered in Boston on Monday. The great creature the

Elephant also displays a type of mourning at the death of a family

member, we live in mystery in times of loss, perhaps the answer's can be

found in................

Tearjerker Art.

By Truenobleman

© 2013 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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