Get Rid Of The Advertisements

Hate Hate Hate.
Hate hate hate
Some better wake-up before it's to late
Look around look around
Bodies falling to the ground
Innocent bystanders little boys little girls
Why so much hate in this old world.
I know it is cause they take Jesus out of everything they do
Talk about Jesus many will turn from you
Jesus needs to be put back in
Wash the old world of our sins
Jesus is knocking on the door to your heart
Believe me Jesus is there and never will part
Jesus wants us all to follow him
Open up let him in.

Hate hate hate
Some better wake-up before it's to late
Yes there are bad things all over the world today
It is our fault we turn from Jesus and don't let him lead the way
Someday many will see the flames and burn for eternity
Which they could change that now for it don't have to be
Come judgement day
Do you want Jesus to walk away
'I don't know you' do you want to hear from him
For when he knocked on your door to your heart you never let him in
For you lived your life for you
Did the things the worldly way to
So much hate not much love just pain and sorrow
We need Jesus back in to lead us through each new tomorrow.

By just_little_me