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The Ghetto
Elvis Presley had a great hit in 1969 with this song. I was a young kid of 19 years old at the time. a few years later I wrote the poem I have posted here feeling it was still worth mentioning in current events. after you read the words of my poem you can click the play button below the page to hear and read to the song. Almost 50 years later now and it is still a current event.

The Ghetto

In lonely desperation; these children of the night,
must live a life of poverty...they learn to steal and fight.

All innocence they may have known is swiftly stricken down.
The laughter of the children it seldom can be found.

When standing on a corner; drugs now in their hand.
In place of something sweet to drink, from childhood Kool-Aid stands.

When hide and seek no longer, is played as just a game.
It has now become a way of life, to keep from being slain.

Through such cruel and evil times these children live their lives.
With words of comfort only heard, through calculated lies.

Then when a child has had enough...compassion they forsake.
The child runs wild into the street...revenge is all they take.

The needs of those in poverty are much more than we see.
The needs of children left alone to roam the city streets.

They need much more than clothes, food and drink.
They need to be taught the love of God, compassion and belief.

Yet far to many Christians, ignore what Is going on.
It is so much easier to sit and listen to the sound of a beautiful song.


By jvaughan

© 2018 jvaughan (All rights reserved)


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