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In the study of the mortal character and personality and it's many

facets, we are either extroverted or introverted and at times the introvert

displays some elements of the extrovert. The elements of the introvert are,

reflective, cerebral, bookish, unassuming, thoughtful, serious,

contemplative, introspective, gentle, calm, modest, solitude-seeking, shy,

risk adverse, thin skinned. The extrovert, man of action, expansive, sociable,

gregarious, excitable, dominant, assertive, risk taker, thick skinned, bold,

and comfortable in the spotlight. The poet's are for the most part

introverted a few of the people who were introverts were Einstein, and the

man who wrote Alice In Wonderland.


PS-Facts taken from the great book, Quiet- The Power Of Introverts In A

World That Can't Stop Talking' excellent book should be required

reading for all parents and HS students. The book would be a great aide

in the dating world or choosing a mate.

By Truenobleman

© 2013 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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