She is...

... she is both the calm... and the peace, a storm at times, rough, yet instills serenity,
hints of treasures, and scents of exotic lands... dance upon her misty hair
she is complex, and deep... like a diamond... she has many facets
that so many fail to see...
but to me...
She is the most precious and beautiful treasure upon this earth,
she is that deep mystery, a dark uncharted abyss...
that holds me mesmerized... hypnotized... within her salty kiss
she fills my heart and soul, with hopes and dreams, that to now,
I had only fantasized...
She is my lady in red, my angel in white...
with chameleon eyes of the deepest blues, and greenish hues,
she's my beacon of light... shinning so bright...
she is my love... my life... the keeper of my soul, all rolled into one...
I listen as she calls, to her soft whispered words, of a sirens song sung
She is where each night draws to an end... and each new day, is begun...
She is as a child, with a woman's touch of soothing grace,
my endless enchanting sea... In song, sailors sing of her
my love... my life... she is


Written for: All Stars Challenge
Hosted by: Lynn / SunDropMoon
Phrase: 'a woman's touch'

By Poison_9901

© 2015 Poison_9901 (All rights reserved)


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