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Take My Memories Away
Make them disappear, man.
So you can start a clean slate
Filling it with pages you care to hang on,
To re-read the ones you relish the most.

Like a picture album you hide in a shoe box,
Taking out an image you cover with kisses
Smiling and reminiscing an old story,
So should be your memory.

To close your eyes and see the faces
And feel the sudden nearness.
Take it from where you left off with the ones
You last shared a moment of happiness.

But memories are like nosy house guests,
Rummaging your consciousness
Searching for the tumult in your soul
And, strew it all over in a heap of despair.

Thoughts unsavory, coming crashing
Slithering through your inner core,
Your very soul, leaving an indelible mark.
Tempting you for an useless vengeance.

The guilty party is your memory,
Which cares not about its accountability;
Joy or misery, good or bad it discerns not
Why, then, have any memory at all?

By Suvasini

© 2015 Suvasini (All rights reserved)


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