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Dark Revelry
Ah the Revelry !
The Sumptuous Ambience of the 5 Star Hotel
He Clinked his glass with the Beautiful Lass
So Pretty and she Danced so well

The Gay Crowd around them Laughed and Played
And to the Orchestra their bodies Swayed
But something Foreboding was in the Air
Though surrounded by Gaiety Everywhere

Something dark was being kept at bay
But he Pushed it aside and Continued in his Play
As he Danced past a table they called for More Drinks
Someone Placed one in his Hand as he Danced and They Winked

On and on They Danced Round the Room
He laughed as he Ignored the strange Feeling of Doom
After Seeming like Hours the Song ended at last
And they sat down with His Friends, Clinking Glass to Glass

They joked and they Laughed giving Toast after Toast
Singing and Playing and Praising their Host
But the Clanging of Glasses had a Hollow Eerie Sound
That began to Get Louder and make his Ears Pound

And he Thought Back to his girlfriend, She'd made him so Mad
She had Pushed him Over the Edge, and More than Just a Tad
And he Never Thought that they'd Find her again
But that's when Reality started to Creep In

The Glasses they'd been Clanging weren't glasses at all
And the room he was in was not a Ballroom Hall
He'd been banging his cup with his so-called friends
CLANGING and BANGING Steel Bars Against Tin!

Drifting for a short time in His mind's Reverie
It was Midnight New Year's Eve in the State Penitentiary

By Starry Knight

© 2017 Starry Knight (All rights reserved)


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