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At night I lay and dream
of those days when the sun never set.
Days when that which I have lost,
will return.

Eyes that carried the moon across the sea,
and gave me a glimpse of real beauty.
The smile that carried me through fire,
and washed me in the rain.

When I close my eyes,
I still see her looking up at me.
The tenderness of her heart,
filling the emptiness of mine.

The soft hands that ran through my hair,
and held mine in times of despair.
Her voice whispering in my ear,
casting out every once of fear.

But these visions are nothing more than visions,
and these fantasies, nothing more than fantasy.
So tonight I'll lay,
haunted by the phantoms of imagination.

For I am a man in pain, chasing a ghost that I long loved.
Forever living in the shadows
of memory.

By blue ocean

© 2013 blue ocean (All rights reserved)


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