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Mirrored Fractions
My soul cauterized in a numbing silence in the mirrored fractions as here born,
Each shattered piece reflects one moment when silence is bliss yet from life torn,
In this sanctuary my insecurities cascade with reverential awe until the grief is gone,
The dark days still bring life yet here laid in scattered shards by thy love still dawns.

Effigies of promise upon my breath as here in this endless darkness spawned,
Rising up from the mire in mirrored reflections, gathered up together we abscond,
Here for just this night that permeates our souls back into your love I am found,
Then as the darkness slowly fades ebony angels bathed in light gather around.

For naught am I allowed to take the pieces gathered and return to my awakening,
On their brushing wings I return descending on a tattered feather with heart breaking,
I awake in my bed languishing for your love in veneration by the love once we shared,
But know this that thou shall naught be forgotten and find in my heart thy love declared.

By nitehawk

© 2013 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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