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Love is Everything
I know it seems like yesterday
When we were young
We always went out to play
Running around as we were one

Broke and just hanging on
We never let that ruin the day
A splash of gas and we were gone
Putting all those happy miles away

We didn't need money to be happy
It was just you and me on the road
What was important was just our company
And the fantastic stories never told

We knew that money didn't make us happy
So we struggled on in an unaccepting world
Our love kept us immune from ridicule
We still felt the eyes of hate upon our lure

Our families didn't understand
They forbid us to be together
Our future stood at hand
As we decided we loved each other

Our love is forever
No matter the consequences
We longed to be together
Even though we are different colors

We had to hide to be together
We had to lie and promised forever
Knowing that love is possible
If the powers that be let us flower

Our hearts tell the story
Of the adventures and evil eyes
I thought not to worry
We are on each others side

Society might be against us
We can't let that tear us apart
Our families are another thing
Not accepting us to follow our hearts

She told me one night
'I love you more than my own life.'
'Protect me from these people,'
'I don't understand why they want to fight.'

I didn't know how to answer
But I assured her everything will be alright
I don't know why people keep interfering with our life
Why is loving someone has to be so hard to fight?

We longed for our families to accept us
Nola is black and I am white
The whole world seems to be against us
Why do they want to destroy our lives?

Stopping love is an unwinable task
So we still put the car on the highway
Even though expletive's reined between our families
We took the money we had to get away

After a time we embraced being different
We ignored those hateful eyes
Our love for each other made everything indifferent
We no longer cared about dark skies

If those bigoted people don't find love
Nola said ' I feel sorry for them,'
'They hate so much they won't find it.'
I replied, ' they love hate, but I love you.'

By Mike Mezz

© 2019 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)


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