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Summer where are you
Are you having a rest?
It seems like autumn
Come on do your best.

A cold wind is blowing
Through my window as I write,
Grey skies above
And not a bit of sun in sight.

It's nothing like it should be
It's an absolute disgrace,
I should be sitting here quite warm
Instead I'm shivering in this place.

Have a word with Mister Weather
Or has he gone on vacation too,
It's really not on you know
The whole country is fed up with you.

So please don't let everybody down
The children will be on hols from school,
And they look forward to some sun
So they can have some fun.

So Mister Summer hear my plea
And make the skies oh so blue,
So Mister sun can shine on us
And make us all happy me too.

By listener

© 2013 listener (All rights reserved)


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