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House but Not a Home


Houses today are show places
where you seldom see family faces

each go their separate way
eager to work and enjoy play

closet full of clothes to wear
they would rather go bare

electronic gagets galore
still they want even more

no time to talk to each other
facebook or phone with another

always going in high gear
not really there or here

mad, mad hurry up pace
in a never ending race

forgetting God and prayer
can' forgive or show they care

no rules or standards to go by
no respect for God on high

a house used to be home
from it we didn't roam

mother stayed to cook and clean
dad worked but not to extreme

houses were simple but nice
calm and peace, not much vice

times have changed we can see
I wish it was the way it used to be

Norma Duncan
July 13, 2013

By Mistymaiden

© 2013 Mistymaiden (All rights reserved)


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