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Temples of my Soul
Kept in the depths in the temples of mine soul,
Thy vision of love hence from thee thou didst bestow,
In these virtues of thoughts thou giveth in sweet delight.
Whence the slow gathering darkness dims earthly light.

Thy beauty by thou love displayed holds in intimate sight
Of hidden self, and what love holds in words expressed,
Eloquent of thy image to this heart and soul of lovers quest
Shining through darkness as canvassed under darks vest.

As thy love naught the imitation derived of mine dreams divine,
As two passionate souls to sensual nights explored in love sublime
Through countless forms of imaged mind of thoughts to dreams seen,
As seen an eternity in the dark of night where sighing lovers dream.

Hence of our minds that desire fantasy within these dreams now sought,
Bound in images opened in a world of intimate love to each other caught,
Soft kisses falling so passionately, born to live within the dreams of fantasy,
Where a realm of time shared opened of thoughts caught in lovers reality.

Thy face of an angel softly traced, hair where fingers run through in soft flight,
These nights naught of fantasy which fall of past memories of sweet delights,
Where these hands once softly caressing thy body in sensual lovers flair,
In these past nights running the course under soft lace attire with loving care.

As our lips meeting in the deepest depths of lovers breath throughout the night,
Where breath rolled upon soft skin in the deepest of love in passionate flight,
Hearing thy soft sighs in the air as feeling your hands running through my hair,
I recall these night's two lovers shared, under candles light in ultimate flare.

Here inhaling thy fragrant skin scented as shadows danced upon these walls,
As in mine memories where two souls silhouetted the darkness as love called,
Fingers rolling in spiral shapes, holding in sighs beneath the night art awakened,
Bringing fantasy to a world of love as two lovers created naught here forsaken.

By nitehawk

© 2013 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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