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''All The News That's Fit (Not) to...'

'...All The News That's Fit (Not) To Print...',
But, Doesn't Fit Because Adv., Etc., Has Dibs

The real left is being exterminated at a greater rate
Than ever in the united suck of assassins, there are
So many ways to know, one, the media 5 ring circus
Is in def con 3 mode, with the supposed progressive
Dems, like MSNBC, leading the corporate structure's
Convolution's devolutionary directions coning charge
Against the people for the first time, usually that's fox
+ friends job- providing excellent cover to keep reality,
Etc., out of the news. A closer look at a few rings,
Chris and Rachel keep talking about how they can't
Get enough of the part of the tea party who are for
Solar power, supposedly, on their shows, so I guess
If Hitler was for solar power they would have joined
The majority of homosexuals at that time, in Nazi
Germany, in support of his genociding the Jews, like
They're genociding non-rem, hetero, Caucasian
Infants to men now, here? Next, the Trayvon Martin
Ring, it surpassing the civil wrongs movement's
Sherrod charade, where they legitimized the Tea
Party for the republiconspiracy, already. I didn't think
Acquittal of zimmerman was a possibility because
The evidence supported a 1st degree murder con-
Viction possibly, 2nd degree murder one definitely,
And, knowing the state of the State of FL, and our
Criminal, injustice system, I thought, he would've
Received the last minute manslaughter charge
Conviction, at least, by the all female jury, which
Prosecution may have not met all the prosecutorial
Requirements for a conviction on. Yes, it's a tragic
Travesty, one which the Justice Dept. is looking into
Rectifying, yet, it doesn't mean that, as Shaka bs,
A respected radio host, said on MSNBC, 'racially,
Things are 8 times worse now than during Jim Crow'.
Apparently, he hasn't bothered to Google Jim Crow
Yet, so, to give a hand to the brother, I'll explain here
How that's not true, for e.g., then, there was a few
Actual 'lynchings' of African-Americans a week, at
Minimum, now there aren't. Every million $ spent
Now for show protests across the nation is a million
We won't have 6 months from now when we need to
Protect and get out the vote, to change the legislators,
Who can then change legislation, like, 'stand your
Ground', which is devolving our streets into a paradise
For premeditated murderers. MHP is doing an ad for
MSNBC which basically says, while we're struggling
With it, of course, 'we like us some inequality'.
A highly respected Professor at Brown Univ., whose
Name escapes me, so we'll just call her Professor
Crakomias, also extolling on the lack of progress
And the surrendering to it in apathy by her and her
Fellow African-American supremacists. Just one line
Of her con will be addressed here, as she's a pro
Academia supremacist, and we haven't the space
Or time. She said, 'the fantasmagorically successful
African-Americans are discriminated against by their
Inclusion'. Which immediately reminded me of Sir
Charles Barkley's whining for a decade about how,
After he spent his 50 million $ on alcohol, whores, etc.,
'African-Americans aren't getting the right amount of
Team management, ownership opportunities', which
Was accurate to a degree, though, there was nothing
About Latinos not getting them in baseball, etc., yet,
He came across as detached from reality, in a have-a-
Lot bubble, for, most multi-millionaires are smart
Enough to not whine about how they don't have it like
That, when they actually do. Her realism was that the
Poor world famous, young, healthy, multi-millionaires,
Moguls of the celebrity supremacy, 'can't lead on, or
Even publicly talk about, issues that are of import to
African-Americans, because they will lose something,
Possibly'. For the last half a century, if a non-rem
Caucasian, heterosexual man said this he would be
Called a sellout, yet, since the genocide of non-rem
Caucasian infants to men is a cornerstone of u.s.a.'s
Entire notsee global empire and war machine, the
Rules that apply to non-rem males don't apply to any
Other demographic, therefore, when 'a N.... can't be
Separated from a nickel', as Chris Rock relates, to
Evolve, save society, he's, an exceptional exception,
A 'victim of inclusion discrimination', regardless of
Him being a billionaire, etc.. This would be similar to
The top 1 % crying, during king george and his dick,
Cheney's, reign on the American way of life, that if we
Just give them more they could turn the trickle-down
Economics (which is really vacuum-up) pissing on the
Middle-class to poor into a shower. Yes, African-
American supremacists 'Loves them some inequality',
MHP, don't they? That's one reason they're 'all in' on
Backsliding against civil rights, called 'kids first',
Which will turn out to be worse than king george and
His dick, Cheney's 'leave no kids behind alone' prog.,
Taking place in engineering of numerous education
Systems for special, their, kids, which they want to be
Paid for with your tax $, taking more $ then their share
From the public one, and having the corp. $ also. This
Societal re-engineering into existence of the pre-
Plessey vs. Ferguson supremacy court decided
Education system, that being 'separate and unequal',
Is a central example of how progressive dems have
Caved to dinos, who've caved to rems, who've caved
To teabaggers. Making our country run by the white
Supremacy permanently, for, the supremacists might
Wear different color hoods or hoodies, but, they all do
The bidding of the white one. '...Ebony and Ivory
Working together in perfect harmony' for tri-partisan
Sausage-making, to screw the people with. So, now
The white-supremacist, (a)moral majority, which is a
Minority, the bad cop of the supposed Christians,
Has their voucher, religious, and prep schools paid for
By you, and the African-American supremacists,
A minority too, good cop of the supposed Christian
Supremacy, have their charter schools paid for by
You too (as well as Churches, corps., etc.), privatizing
Corporatizing, theocratizing (to get around that pesky
Constitution, separation of Church and State) of the
Public education system, which the majority of kids
Must attend, to steal tax $, destroy the education
System, is almost complete. The African-American
Supremacy 'loves them some inequality', MHP,
Don't they? Or, is it that the dinos have joined white
Supremacists in vampirizing to cannibalizing the
Nation in every way, the dino-in-chief, a duo to
Seven grand-wizard of those many supremacies
(Revelations), leading with his caving, being the best
Thing for the republiconspiracy since one of his idols,
Reagan's constant high treason almost destroyed this
Nation? Albeit, he's not a reagan-Nagin, BUT, he's not
Only delivered this country to a legitimized white
Supremacy, the teabaggers, he's handed extinction
Of humanity and large mammals to the corporate
Structure, and that's just his first 5 of 8 years- do you
Really think ebony/ivory are going to allow real reform
On immigration, etc.? For e.g., economic cannibalism:
Detroit, it being the largest u.s.a. city to go bankrupt,
Today; and there being no clean coal, oil or nuclear
Waste, while even worse 'natural gas is frakin' crackin'
The Earth, the resulting earthquake will level L.A.,
Cost trillions, etc.' (from the epic movie, 'Gasland Part
II'), are indicators of our lack of any future at all under
Ebony/ivory rule. We can't allow the centrist-in-chief to
Bail out bankrupt cities, those unnatural disasters not
Being prevented, purposely, like the levees not being
Reinforced in N.O., LA, and king george and his dick,
Cheney, along with the elite of the republiconspiracy,
Non-prevention of the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001,
To steal every citizen's tax $, ebony and ivory dividing,
Conquering, liquidating all lifes assets, asses in perfect
Harmony. Addressing one lie from Barack's fiscal
Speech today, 'we can stop the partisanship to raise
The debt ceiling', partisanship isn't a problem, the
Rems practicing 'scorched Earth' politics 5 minutes
After they lose the Presidency, 'slashing and burning',
Politically, as they go, is. Their extremist obstruction,
Which is unending treason, doesn't allow the dems a
Choice, they must stand up to them, or the nation's
Destruction would be near. Not paying our bills as a
Nation, by not raising it, would economically destroy
Us, the uber-fascism=centrism-in-chief's caving to the
White supremacy would totally destroy us. Before the
Decoupling of SNAP from the Farm Bill, the dems
Were half caving to the rems by suggesting that Food
Stamps, be cut by 4.1 billion $, which would have killed
Thousands of lower-middle-class to poor, intolerable.
Every year the dinos will cave more and it will only get
Worse, unless we stop them. Our struggling with dinos
To be dempublicans is reversing itself, progressive
Dems are backsliding into dems, dems to dinos, dinos
Are turning into remocrats. Before this nation devolves
Into a Baskin and Robbins of 21 flavors of supremacy,
We must exercise our rights, if not they'll wither like
An unused muscle, as will our freedom if we don't
Exercise it's Siamese twin brother, responsibility, for
We're the life indivisible, individuals with illimitable
Potential, lifelong students, ever-evolving, or witnesses
Of humanity's extinction with a whimper being forced
Down all our throats by the one-world gov't- not
The U.N., rather, the U.S.. If not you, then who, now,
Then when, here, where? Viva la evolution. Be well.

Challenge :) JFTLOI; with K.C.

By reality1

© 2018 reality1 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Just For The Love Of It Challenge--read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Just For The Love Of It Challenge--read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Just For The Love Of It Challenge--read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Just For The Love Of It Challenge--read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

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