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To Cheer My Starlite Sis (Rose)
I have a dear Starlite friend and Sis, Her name is Rose
She post under the pen name Starlight`1, everyone knows
She is so sweet and a wonderful friend, Always there for others
Right now she needs lifting up from her Starlite sisters and brothers
Yes from all her Starlite family .lets send her some hugs and love
She needs a lift and some hugs, A special blessing from God above
Someone is spreading rumors and saying things that are not true
I know from her e-mail she must be hurt and feeling down and blue
Please leave a message and let her know, She is loved by many
I love you Sis, And as far as rumors go, I would never believe any
You have many friends at Stalite, They know you are so sweet
I as one feel blessed that our paths crossed so that we could meet
Never let anyone put you down, Know that you are better then them
You are a special friend to many,To me your a special sis and friend
So let the rumors fly ,We support you and never want to see you go
Starlite would not be Starlite without you our Little Rose, this I know
Hang in there my friend,don`t let it get to you,You`re special to me
You`re many friends here feel the same way, I`m sure you will see
I know that Winnie the Pooh is your special friend ,So here`s a video
To cheer you up, You`re a great poetess and you`re loved I know

(love you sis )

By Libra

© 2013 Libra (All rights reserved)


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