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Hankerchief of memories

I have a memory book , My soul book I call it

It houses all my memories of us

It first started when we met, and our eyes touched

The summer was beautiful, we loved to share dates

We walked and all my family came on our dates

So much fun we had then, each one pasted in as the sun could feel the day

I guess the real funny part was we moved there to live

Never thinking I would meet you, or later fall in love

I met your friend , then you , as we walked about

You shared the best part of me

Each day was a new experience

You took me riding in your car

You told me , you loved me , I was scared

But it wasn't till I left I realized how much you meant to me

The silly things , the music we shared, the running

Looking back I see the best things we did were going to blend our lives together

The movies the driven Ins, late nights, talks, kisses in the dark

It is the little things tucked in handkerchief that mean the most

The phones calls, so many miles away

The smiling , laughing , the songs that don't cost dime

To where we are now God brought us for that I am so thankful

I moved away, I was going on seventeen

Then one day you got the phone call

One guy doesn't think he will receive from a girl

Asking you so spend your life with me

As my husband, best friend, my true love

You waited , then said Yes

I am still the happiest girl in the world

You are still apart of my dreams, my forever love

Hearts of memories , still wrapped I love you

By fairystar50

© 2013 fairystar50 (All rights reserved)


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