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Soul Surrenders
In this thirsting silence crawling drenched in tragedies where my soul surrenders,
In a blink and quick breath feeding the darkness, pouring from my soul all remembered,
Here my heart succumbs to the lost sighs led by these tides of tears falling from my eyes,
Subdued by time that draws no lines in the turning of years held within darkness guise.

That here the dark calls of my soul draped in sadness in a sea of voices calling my name,
Knowing my soul and heart like shattered shards of tempered glass of what our love became,
Feeding off my pain trying to fill its emptiness leaving me in a rhythm of disharmony,
In the strands of my conscience lays the evidence of my sadness draped in diversity.

Subdued by time where darkness holds of mind where all seems shadowed by destiny,
As here contained in these passages I keep thy love close as I am lost inside this eternity, This suffocation bound in desolation where the darkness keeps me tethered to its silence, Weighing heavily on my senses I try to hold to the love we shared by our hearts alliance.

By nitehawk

© 2013 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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