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The Dark Inside Me
This empty dark inside me, I no longer belong to myself,
On the edge of darkness I stand on this realms highest shelf,
Looking down and aback to a time now in its own extinction,
Do I hold onto this flame once love or fall into a loveless oblivion.

Here find each line etched with pain and the sadness without thee,
Clutching at the darkness in this now everlasting pain I cannot flee,
Morphing into the echoes that are caught in the winds of love sailed,
Into the highest of stars that once our love found, topping the scales.

As here thy love breaks through the duskiness and lights up the night,
If only in my visions within these dreams I find the pain turn to delight,
For this love is now an never ending pain, a pain I live as without thee,
My heart that pays the price, for this soul is like autumn, like fallen leaves.

By nitehawk

© 2013 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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