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Our Stars
When the sun no longer warms, scatter mine ashes to the winds,
For Love bestows the power to endure agony in the words it sends,
That one can withstand anything but it's loss that dominates the soul,
As my heart and spirit will scream out to thee, I Love you when I go.

Let my ashes carry on the winds and reach those stars we once watched,
To again embrace the flame of our connected souls as mine ashes waft,
For I have a lifetime to know what will never be mine of our love again,
This missing dimension once the unity of our two hearts, love still sends.

By mine tears and sorrows the skies shall be colored by mine love cloaked,
Mine Love for thee shall be in the heavens painted in Monet brush strokes,
For this curse by mine own mind condemns me in my heart that still longs,
As thou art forever burned into my memory as thy Love thine pull is strong.

Thy can smile softly gazing among heavens in the colors of Love in the stars,
And know thee that I shalt always gaze down upon thee from the heavens afar,
Here as mine delicate robes of light shall befall thee after the sun falls to sleep,
Know thee I shalt never forget thee and thou Love as now I shalt forever keep.

Posted thestarlitecafe 08.29.2013 9:44 AM

By nitehawk

© 2013 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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