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Remember me, Remember me
Remember me, Remember me
I gave my life upon the tree
I shed my blood on Calvary
Remember me, Remember me

I am Gods Son, the Holy One
I gave my life, Victory won
Sup of the bread, drink of the wine
Tell of my love to all mankind

Believe in God, believe in me
I shed my blood to set you free
Go share the Word with all you see
That they may too, remember me

I died for you, now live for me
Give hope to all, of whom you see
My life I lived to show the way
Hope for all man with each new day

My burden light, my truth burns bright
I light the way in darkest night
Gods grace is freely, freely receive
And live with me, eternally

My Father God, thy will was done
Regarding me upon the tree
I set them free, thine only Son
Remember me, Remember me

By olderandbolder

© 2018 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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