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No Matter What!


I will love you my love no matter what -
Whether truths are proved false nor false things true
Even if you're of Adam's rib or not
Or in the mornings I'm smarter than you
Yet all day long women out think all men -
If without men there would be no more war,
Without women men would be good often,
Family of the future's function fails more,
The Red Sea never was crossed by dry land,
Noah was divorced, animals weren't choosey -
No matter what I will love you - here's my hand.
If no forever, wine makes no one woosey
And love's just a chemical in the brain
I'll love you till all lies, lies wish to claim.


Dear reader, through found love have you foiled death?
No? - but you have heard - happens more and more.
Be dumb - speechless be - close lips, save your breath,
Dwell on future pleasures - open love's door.
Not guidance, nor change, nor effort love saves -
Love's there or not, love draws out groomed romance -
Makes me write a thousand poems to amaze.
Think not that I sneer at those who can't prance
Or gloat that this prime time's earned love-boat dreams,
To be favoured by love's a mystery
For why now, not before? - the source now streams?
Though like luck can love be drawn close to me?
Luck-schools claim success but love's not pure luck
And if lost 'twill take years to lose this pluck!


No one wants the nice guy who's happy
Of whom the owl tells all that all is well.
Some say he's not happy, he's not lucky
But he knows the wise owl the truth does tell
Though he could be happier - than is his due?
He could be full time with YOU, day and night
Then no one at all would want me but YOU,
The owl would hoot himself hoarse; children fright,
All would say he's not happy and be wrong,
The owl would rest and think praps no one knows
Maybe the nice guy IS happy, in song.
Where are there happier than happy shows? -
Where the owl is hoarse and all can't believe,
Let's be like owls and the world deceive.


Dear, light the candle's wick that we might glow
In your chambers as my fingers smooth fears
That frown your brow, erasing eyebrow's woe,
So nipped in the bud spread not on for years
For scarce are soft hours where moon and candle
Invest in each other's light not by halves
But fully caressing and pleasing well.
Glass of milk, cushioned by silk before baths
Where eyes of heaven watch water wash man.
As bubbles invest in full moon's shaped fun
We arch the finger to prick all we can
So clues of nakedness come one by one
Into candlelight and triple shadows,
Triple the bond of lovers as scarce grime goes.


Not for gold nor mind's high mountain top good
Of being human, worth on earth wanting
Do these words on love seek, should be understood.
To win love (if love can be won) has sting -
To hold onto love? (if love can be held) -
Something higher I feel calling - higher.
Her beauty raises my soul in the world
So too love raises my heart - forever!
Here's the gold to be won, here's the great worth;
As though one chance in all time came my way -
My thoughts fly over all mountains on Earth.
This meaning of life gives pure gold as pay.
What then of lust? Have I no lust in me?
Do I not breathe? Don't all hearts beat lustily?


Will you overlook things that our bond marred
I've done that most men do without malice? -
I've done before, will do again since tarred
With manhood through which men run life's grand race.
I deplored these things of men until learned
Women also do things that marr bonds strong
Without malice, things done before, and earned
Blame like men, more so though, which is wrong.
Knowing eyes wander and it's quite natural,
Now each day I the most, catch your bright eyes,
Leave not to chance and dance, e'en fain to fall
Not to trick but steal your glance, hear your sighs.
Will you overlook things that marred our bond
And why madly now wave my Wizard wand?


Teach dear Love that to crown one's love's not wrong
Nor to expand her realm with poetry's pen
Nor wish her reign be note worthy and long,
That light through my beard shows in words often
And small words make large strong palaces grand.
Teach dear Love that her silvered crown won't fade
As my silver hair turns white, since words stand
Long after thoughts place diamonds on parade.
May my diamonds come from the deepest mines,
May the silversmith have skill kings long for;
Teach me dear Love there's nothing that confines
Vast empires built for those whom we adore.
May my long words be short and large books fill
And her realm last when I'm over the hill.


Oh Spirit sit down 'pon my unmade bed
In candlelight please do and I'll point out
Some items in my room to spin your head:
The broken chair just there, there is no doubt
Will be replaced by a chair that won't wear -
That's a sign of things to come Spirit friend,
Like cut finger spelt trouble you helped bear
That's over like the spider squashed - signs send.
Spirit see your picture there by candlelight,
The framed Rose Cottage in the country-side:-
My room is my workshop of future might;
Dear Spirit you've power to make nows collide.
Spirit rise from my unmade bed and kiss
With lips that do not wear to sign our bliss.


Love's Victory throned in our dear thoughts and hearts
From those who shunned the shadows, mainly came,
Who looked behind night for day, ignored arts
Of twisting truth for self and shifting blame
While flying from the thing they feared full speed.
Love's Victory, a million moments like leaves
Not falling with time passing's new ground greed,
No! they collect light not shade that deceives,
They taste the light rains that's their's, live not die
And touch the next, vibrate on, their true tune
So that silent's the storm, no need to cry,
The leaves love, the leaves dance till young's the moon.
Love's Victory's throned in our dared hearts and thought
For we twist in love and in truth we're caught.


The child asked 'What is magic?' watching me
In my wizard's beard, grown because love's gone.
How could I answer the child? - smiled did he
So I told him stories some believe wrong
Of wizards wanting love across the seas,
Casting spells so ladies against their will
Travelled by land, by sea, by air here to please.
'Why won't she come, where is she in your spell?'
'Romance is magic that all men must weave
That makes her smile, that makes her heart beat fast;
Poor is my magic, my poems to deceive
The Princess with false love, such love doesn't last.
Magic like miracles brings beautiful things -
What is magic? - beard shaved and doorbell rings!'


I loved to teach things that I'd not been taught
Until my eyes in eyes of knowledge looked.
An eye's an eye until in love you're caught
And walking wisdom's way's says get not hooked;
To tell the tale as it is told - love slows
For passion wanes and face and figure too
Oh but think not that the youngsters' pace grows
When smiles of my love fill eyes with things new.
Men who love in haste regret in leisure -
Open eyes taught that haste makes men stumble
As men do, yet her eyes held forever.
Her eyes thousands of sonnets, love does tumble.
Foolish now to teach what I've not been taught
Since face and figure booked forever thought.


Unnumbered treasures dear Goddess you hide
And this Poet-Knight delved in magic's strength learned
So spell by spell opened paths barred now wide.
The first spell through poetry your sweet smile earned,
The second spell your heart stormed so I thought
Yet Goddess no spell took over, you gave -
Amazed at my powerlessness I still fought
Though more childlike, and fierce knighthood did waive,
With weapons now smiles and trips unplanned -
Each piece of love given cherished as man,
Small sees the worldly, large feels the Poet - grand! -
Wasted magic makes gold from gold, the plan.
Unnumbered treasures dear Goddess still lie
Deep in your chambers; I'll smile till I die.

There was this tall backpacker from London
Staying in the Blue Parrot in Sydney
Whom the hot girls said looked quite like James Dean
But it was a book that he would produce
And quote from that mainly won them over -
That 'the sweet sauces of love add delight' -
A misquote but near enough as he licked
Juiced fingers from his McDonald's burger
Then turned to drawings such as page sixteen.
The girls would tease him while watching TV
Whenever there appeared something which called
For 'the sweet sauces of love add delight.'
The smiles that he gained were worth the mocking
And the other guys saw to it that his book went missing.

Add delight.
Travel across the world from the heart of one city to the heart of another.
Add delight everyone wants before you.
Feel the delight of VIVID LOVE's most amazing THINKING and feeling - read 'Two Hearts Two Cities' ordered through Zora Knight the illustrator of this must have book with VIVID artistry -

By David A. Doolan

© 2013 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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